Avatar – Now the highest-grossing movie ever

Avatar is an unstoppable money making machine and the studio is now reporting that it has surpassed James Cameron’s own Titanic to become the highest-grossing movie of all-time.

Estimates from 20th Century Fox put the sci-fi epic’s gross in excess of Titanic‘s $1.843 billion haul, and official figures due out later today should confirm its status.

Seen by many as an incredible gamble on the part of Cameron and the studio, and with a production budget off over $300 million, Avatar has proved skeptics and naysayers completely wrong.

The mix of incredible visuals and engaging characters have seen Avatar do the kind of repeat business necessary to drive box-office figures so high. Personally I’ve seen it twice, and I’ll probably go again before it leaves screens.

While Avatar has yet to pass the $600.8 million US box-office gross of Titanic, it has made more than $1.2 billion world-wide. However with the awards season in full swing and the movie sitting pretty atop the US charts for the past 6 weeks it is likely that not only will it out-gross Titanic in the US, but it may even hit the mythical $2 billion mark.