Extended teaser shows there is more to Scream 4

Yesterday the teaser trailer for Scream 4 that previewed at the Scream awards was doing the rounds, but the quality was rubbish so I decided against posting it. Today we get a far superior and extended teaser trailer for the return to Woodsboro.

This time around there’s a brand new set of rules: “The killer has to be way more extreme,” “The unexpected is the new cliché,” “virgins can die now,” and “The killer should be filming the murders. It’s the natural next step in psycho slasher innovation…” Nice!

Sure it’s all a bit corny but the original Scream was a hoot, and if this can capture any of that then this will be one to watch.

Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox are all back for more scares. We have no confirmed Irish release date but it should be coming around April/May next year.