Fair Game – Trailer

Doug Liman, Naomi Watts and Sean Penn individually are all good enough reasons to watch any movie. Together they are damn near unmissable. The trio have gotten together for a new movie called Fair Game, and today we get the first trailer.

Watts plays Valerie Plume, a real-life CIA undercover operative, who is outed by the Agency when her husband writes an op-ed piece reporting that the Bush administration lied about the WMDs in Iraq in order to justify the invasion. It all sounds a lot like a counterpart to Green Zone.

So part Bourne, part Salt, part Enemy of the State? That could work. The US gets a first look on November 5th, with no Irish release date set yet.


A suspense-filled glimpse into the dark corridors of political power, Fair Game is a riveting action-thriller based on the autobiography of real-life undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame (Naomi Watts), whose career was destroyed and marriage strained to its limits when her covert identity was exposed by a politically motivated press leak. As a covert officer in the CIA’s Counter-Proliferation Division, Valerie leads an investigation into the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Valerie’s husband, diplomat Joe Wilson (Sean Penn), is drawn into the investigation to substantiate an alleged sale of enriched uranium from Niger. But when the administration ignores his findings and uses the issue to support the call to war, Joe writes a New York Times editorial outlining his conclusions and ignites a firestorm of controversy.