New trailer sees Adam Sandler Just Go With It

Whoop looky what we have here…it’s a trailer for a brand new Adam Sandler comedy called Just Go With It…shame that’s not necessarily a good thing these days…

The movie sees Sandler dating a younger woman and pretending that he is already married to avoid commitment. When she questions his story he is forced to rope in his assistant and her kids to act as surrogates.

Jennifer Aniston plays the assistant, with Brooklyn Decker as the girlfriend, and Nicole Kidman, Nick Swardson, Kevin Nealon, and Dave Matthews (the singer) all bringing some swagger to the proceedings.

It looks decent enough from the trailer so I’ll give this a chance when it’s released on February 23rd.


A plastic surgeon (Adam Sandler), who is afraid of commitment, tells his much younger girlfriend (Brooklyn Decker) that he’s married, with children to avoid having a serious relationship with her. When she starts to believe he’s lying and threatens to leave him, he asks his office manager (Jennifer Aniston) and her children (Bailie Madison and Griffin Gluck) to pose as his family in order to prove his honesty.