Never Let Me Go – Beautiful new posters

Those crafty guys over at IMP Awards have gotten their hands on a beautiful new set of posters for Mark Romanek’s new movie Never Let Me Go. The 3 posters go together to make one stunning looking image for what is one of the more intriguing movie prospects this year.

Based on Kazuo Ishiguro award-winning novel, it tells the story of three young adults, who grew up together at a seemingly idyllic boarding school. But this school was not all it seems and now they find themsleves unprepared for the outside world or the power that love has on them.

Romanek’s last movie was One Hour Photo, which was really rather good, but he has made nothing since 2002 as project after project fell apart. He’s working from very strong material here, with Alex Garland adapting the script, and with a strong cast that includes Andrew Garfield, Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley.

This should be an Oscar favourite if all goes according to plan. We will get our chance to see it January 14th, 2011.