Potsdamer Platz, or what Tony Scott did next

Looks like Tony Scott has found his next project, a based on a true-story gangster movie called Potsdamer Platz. And he’s already got a cast in place too.

The name doesn’t have the same ring to it as Goodfellas, Mean Streets or The Godfather, but Scott is likely to change it soon. According to Scott the story focuses on the true story of the Jersey mob “when they tried to take over the construction business in Germany.” Add in some hulking brutes and automatic weapons and Scott is home.

I like Tony Scott, while not as talented as his brother he still makes damn fine action movies. And he’s lining up a decent cast with Javier Bardem, Jason Statham and Mickey Rourke all attached to star. Looks like Rourke’s recent popularity is key to this project getting the green light, with Scott quoted as saying “I’ve got a great cast with Mickey… now all of a sudden the film became bankable because Mickey was always his own man before last year.”

Expect shooting to begin once Scott has finished post-production on Unstoppable, with a mid-to-late 2011 release likely.