Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – New International Trailer

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is going to be be the biggest, most bad-ass, just plain best movie in the history of the world ever!

Well maybe not quite but it should be pretty damn good. Further evidence of the magnitude of it’s awesomeness is on display today in a brand new international trailer which The Sun newspaper has unveiled. *The Sun’s version was a bit crap. Thankfully HeyUGuys got a better version.

Featuring some cool new footage the new trailer sets out to kick ass and take names. Michael Cera is in the title role with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as his beloved Ramona Flowers. Between the pair and true love lay the 7 evil exes of Ramona, each hell-bent on exacting pain upon poor Scott.

The movie is released in Ireland August 27th and I just cannot wait.