JoinedAugust 26th, 2016
Godzilla is an impressive and enjoyable summer blockbuster that will surprise with its maturity and humanity; the giant prehistoric lizard is pretty damn awesome as well.
The combination of brilliant cinematographer and stellar cast should have reaped massive rewards, but it’s lost in its own absurdity and unworthy of your hard earned cash. Avoid this at all costs.
Not fully sure what comedy road it wants to be on and running twenty minutes longer than is necessary, The Other Woman fails to fully deliver.
The actors involved in this mess do not enhance the delivery of the crappy script, but even if they were decent it wouldn’t save it from itself. Whatever DIY job you’ve been postponing for the last month is a much better way to spend your time than going to see this. Avoid
Engrossing all the way to its heart-breaking conclusion, it’s fair to say that Miyazaki has crafted a beautiful film that doesn’t need factuality to make it brilliant.
A more than worthy edition to the animated Batman universe, Son of Batman is full of good fun and cracking action. This is a must for fans of the Dark Knight.
Taking too long to tell the most unimportant element of the story and never really managing to make the audience care what’s going to happen, Tarzan is one to avoid.