Son of Batman


Unbeknownst to Bruce Wayne he has a son that he fathered with Talia al Ghul and his former mentor Ra’s al Ghul is raising him to lead the League of Assassins. When a disaffected former member of the league returns and destroys it and Ra’s before Damian’s eyes, Talia is left with no choice but to bring Damian to Gotham. That Bruce is surprised to find out he is a father is an understatement, but he quickly learns that Damian is not your average child. Damian is hell bent on revenge and he wants to take a life in repayment for Ra’s, but Batman just will not let that happen. Whether he can teach the boy to value life and match his intelligence and fighting skill with a more even outlook will be the foundation of their relationship.

Animated Batman projects come along every so often and they have varied between mediocre and top drawer. Luckily this latest instalment ranks in the upper echelons of this genre as another chapter in the Batman universe is brought to the screen with great success.

As with all Batman animated movies there is violence present and it is fair to say this may be the most on screen violence delivered to date. There is a high body count and a lot of blood covered swords to answer for all those lives, but it sits well with the overall tone so it works. What really impress are the fight scenes, they’re well choreographed and they pack a real punch, especially when Damian is involved.

Damian’s character arc is well developed and rounded off, while the plot never overcomplicates things which is always good with animated movies. The Batsuit design is pretty damn cool as well, with Jason O’Mara delivering a suitably gravelly Batman. The other voice work is a little underwhelming at parts but mostly delivers the goods.

A more than worthy edition to the animated Batman universe, Son of Batman is full of good fun and cracking action. This is a must for fans of the Dark Knight.

Son of Batman is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 6th May 2014.