JoinedAugust 26th, 2016
If not as narratively finessed as other Coen output, Hail, Caesar! is still a supremely entertaining romp, with plenty to say under the '50s glamour.
With a sharp Coen-penned script, strong performances and intrigue throughout, Bridge Of Spies shows that even less-than-top-tier Spielberg is capable of minor miracles.
Though not as character-driven as it might like, Everest delivers solid thrills and chills in a surprisingly humane disaster pic.
An interesting idea at the core of True Story can't save it from a weak script and lumbering direction.
Jennifer Lawrence shines in a true story that tends to feel false, mostly due to a script and structure that never truly gels.
Brooklyn is a traditional, earnest take on Colm Tóibín’s novel, yet its one which wins you over through its sincere execution and standout central performance.
The Walk can't match Man On Wire's insight, but Robert Zemeckis' 3D recreation of Philippe Petit's fully-realised Twin Towers escapade is a sight to behold.
Dazzling animation, loveable characters and a heartfelt story combine to make Pixar's finest film in years.