A Monster Calls

#Competition: Win a signed poster from A Monster Calls

To celebrate the release of A Monster Calls in cinemas January 1st, we’re giving you the chance to win an exclusive A Monster Calls film poster signed by the author Patrick Ness!

Adapted from the award-winning novel by Patrick Ness and bought to the big screen by acclaimed director J.A. Bayona, this uniquely powerful and visually spectacular story of love, loss and hope will teach us all about the miraculous healing power of the imagination and the remarkable strength we discover within.

12 year old Conor O’Malley (Lewis MacDougall) is a young boy growing up whilst struggling to take care of his sick mother, cope with an absent father and tolerate his difficult grandmother, with a daily existence at school that provides little respite. Withdrawing into a world of monsters and fairy tales, Conor seeks to find solace from the events unfolding around him.

Conor unexpectedly summons a most unlikely ally, who bursts forth with terrifying grandeur from an ancient towering yew tree; a 40-foot-high creature who appear at Conor’s bedroom window at 12:07 every night. The Monster has stories to tell, and he insists that Conor hears them. As Conor’s fear starts to give way to courage, he discovers an unknown strength and learns what it means to truly let go.

The Academy-Award winning team behind Pan’s Labyrinth and The Impossible bring together an incredible cast including Liam Neeson, Felicity Jones and Sigourney Weaver for an extraordinary journey that is as powerful as the art of storytelling itself.

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A Monster Calls (cert 12a) opens in Irish cinemas New Years Day. And we love it!