A Perfect Filmography?

For years i have wandered many a website, encountered many fellow movie fans, and have always asked this one question without fail… Can you name a movie star who, in your own opinion, has a perfect filmography? As in, an actor who has starred in many movies, all of which if you were to review with a scale of 1 to 5 stars, you would give no less than a 3 to? Someone who just has never flat out starred in a bad movie? Someone who has never starred in an “Oh my God i hate this!” movie?

For example, whenever i pose this question, there are two people i always mention… Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks. I have seen almost every movie they have ever appeared in, but for me and my personal opinion, i have never seen either of them in a movie that i would refuse to watch. Granted, there are movies they both have on their filmographies that would suffer when compared to their bigger better movies, but there’s not a movie, that i have seen at least, of either of them that i would call bad. Tom Cruise with everything from Risky Business to Oblivion, they range from good enough to incredible. The same with Tom Hanks, from Splash to Captain Phillips (I’ve yet to see Saving Mr. Banks), i can’t name a movie of his i ever thought was bad. Other people will question my opinion on both those men, but like i say, that’s my opinion.

So for you, the fellow movie fans and readers, can you name anyone who you believe has a perfect filmography? Someone who at the very least gets it somewhat right with their choice of roles?

Oh, please don’t say John Cazale, i’ve had that answer countless times before. Someone who has starred in a lot more than five fantastic movies please.