Irish Film: Watch it now Paul Duane's short Don't You Know Who I am?

Ireland is currently blessed to have some extraordinary filmmakers, from legends such as Neil Jordan and Jim Sheridan, to modern visionaries such as Lenny Abrahamson and Paul Duane. The latter of these two has a new short film available to watch right now entitled Don’t You Know Who I Am?

The film is a 15 minute short, written by Hot Press columnist Olaf Tyaransen and directed by Duane, which follows a musican as he wanders around Galway looking for a place to mourn a fellow band member who has died due to a drug overdose.

Alabama 3’s Larry Love plays the lead, with a support cast that includes Paraic Breathnach (Killinaskully), John O’Dowd (Moone Boy), Amanda Brunker,  Gerry Conneely, and legendary cartoonist Tom Mathews.

Duane’s last few films Barbaric Genius,Very Extremely Dangerous, and Natan are each great examples of modern Irish filmmaking, and we encourage every one to check them out after they catch Don’t You Know Who I Am?.

To see the film (for a modest fee) simply hit the Rent button in the video above or visit the Screenworks website.