Cork Film Festival 2016

#Industry: ALT.FUND film financing forum at the 61st Cork Film Festival, November 17th

The 61st Cork Film Festival, which takes place Friday 11th November to Sunday 20th November, will run an industry event called ALT.FUND on November 17th.

ALT.FUND is the Cork Film Festival’s Industry’s Programme new initiative which explores innovative and non-traditional models for financing your work and developing your audience.

From working with brands, nonprofits and creative agencies to lessons in targeting your audience and securing distribution, this session will revolutionise the way you think about getting your film financed and seen. Curated for newly established film professionals, this event looks beyond traditional models of film finance and opens a host of other ways to achieve your creative goals and expand your audiences.

The day is a mixture of interactive sessions, case studies from producers, filmmakers and agencies, and a survey of recent developments in crowdfunding. This is an opportunity to experiment, to push the boundaries, to think about the way films are told and to present true life in bold and innovative ways.

Speakers at ALT.FUND will include:

Cork Film Festival is Ireland’s oldest film festival and Alt.Fund provides an important opportunity within the line-up to address a range of agenda-setting issues as the festival continues to expand its focus on the Irish film industry. For more information on Alt.Fund and to book tickets, click here.

Cork Film Festival 2016 - Alt.Fund Info