Festival: Rewind Film Festival at RUA RED, November 5th to 7th

2015 sees the first outing of REWIND, a new and exciting Dublin film festival, taking place at RUA RED Arts Centre. In the tradition of classic repertory cinema, the arts centre will present a series of iconic movies specifically chosen by curator Matthew Nolan, to promote discussion around what it is to be a film spectator in 2015. To this end, they have opened the cinematic vaults and will present some real treasures, including:

The Thing from Another World – classic 1950s cold war horror (5th Nov, 9pm)
Akira – the great cyberpunk thriller and anime classic. (7th Nov, 8.30pm)
Godzilla – the mother and father of all monster movies. (7th Nov, 10.30am)
Tron – one of the first to truly address our place in the digital age. (7th Nov, 3pm)
Sleeper – Woody Allen’s classic take on what the future holds. (6th Nov, 8.30pm)
THX 1138 – George Lucas’s real Sci-Fi classic! (6th Nov, 3pm)

All of these movies address the issue of identity in a technological age, with REWIND promising to be a silver screen celebration and an audio visual feast for the senses. REWIND will explore the way we view the present, and even the future, by learning from the past, and offers cinephiles a chance to view all these iconic films in the spectacular surroundings of RUA RED’s double vaulted white cubed galleries, unleashing a new experience for all the senses.

In particular, the opening event Assault on RUA RED (5th Nov, 7pm) – a musical and visual homage to John Carpenter, will be an exciting and immersive experience, pairing live musical performances, light installations and film, in an event that’s not to be missed!

REWIND 2015 will examine one of the most enduring and popular genres of cinema, asserting how Sci Fi film reflects attitudes towards scientific progress, technology, and reason as they have evolved over the course of the 20th and 21st century. In addition to the film programme there will be a series of special events which will explore the nature of performance in the digital age, including:

  • Contemporary arts practice and screen based technology exploring new modes of audience engagement, collaboration and participation through screen based technology with Dance artist Cathy Coughlan.
  • The intimate relationship of humans and technology. – A public lecture by Professor Matthew Causey (TCD)

All events will cost €5 or €3 concession, with a 3 day pass available for €25. For more information and tickets visit the REWIND Film Festival website.