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#Industry: Dublin Bay Studios welcome the publication of the Draft Poolbeg West Planning Scheme

The proposed Dublin Bay Studios has issued a statement following the release of the Draft Poolbeg West Planning Scheme.

Dublin Bay Studios is backed by Dublin Bay Studios is being promoted by James Morris, founder of Windmill Lane Studios, the lead promotor of the Windmill consortium that established TV3 and its first Chairman, and a former Chairman of the Irish Film Board [2005 – 2013] and Alan Moloney, film producer and founder of Parallel Films (The Siege of Jadotville, Brooklyn, Intermission, Breakfast on Pluto), together with their strategic partners Creative Artists Agency (CAA), a leading global talent agency and Gary Levinsohn, Founder and co-partner of Mutual Film Company and US-based film producer (Saving Private Ryan, 12 Monkeys, Jack Reacher). The group have been working on plans for the Studios for over 5 years and are self-financed.

Statement by Dublin Bay Studios, January 24, 2017:

We welcome the publication today of the Draft Poolbeg West Planning Scheme and the confirmation by Dublin City Council that it supports commercial uses associated with ‘media, digital media and film production’ within the Scheme. We have submitted a detailed proposal to Dublin City Council and we look forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders to make this vision a reality.

Our ambition is to create Ireland’s largest full-service film, TV and digital content production studios at Poolbeg West in Dublin City Centre; studios on a scale large enough to compete internationally and built in the inner city so that they will also be a catalyst for a cluster of all the many technologies, crafts, specialists, talent, finance, arts, culture, University R&D, and digital services that it needed for modern production, not only for film but for video games and virtual reality production. This cluster, situated alongside Silicon Docks, would have a combination of elements to make Dublin Bay Studios a world-class studio location.

The studios would create 1,800 direct and 1,800 indirect jobs for Irish creative talent and for local people in Dublin’s inner city.  The best studios in the world are surrounding by housing and the development of Dublin Bay Studios at Poolbeg would complement the very necessary housing provision on the peninsula, providing sustainable jobs on the doorstep and supporting the development of a mixed living and working community.

The development of Dublin Bay Studios at Poolbeg is a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that can drive the growth of Ireland’s creative industries and also provide much needed jobs and regeneration for Dublin’s inner city.  Some 60 per cent of the cost of production in our industry is labour cost, and it is the availability of skilled crafts people, technicians, and creative talent on the doorstep in the city centre that will make Dublin Bay Studios the success we know it can be and put Dublin’s Docklands and Ireland on the map internationally as a centre of excellence for media production.

The Draft Poolbeg West Planning Scheme was placed on public display by Dublin City Council today, January 24, 2017. For further information see  www.poolbegwest.ie . Submission and observations on the Draft Planning Scheme up are now invited from interested parties until the closing date, March 8th 2017.

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