Mad Hannans

#Industry: Big Handsome Media and OC Productions acquire distribution rights to Martin Shore’s Mad Hannans

Irish media companies Big Handsome Media and OC Productions have teamed up to secure the international distribution rights for the award-winning film Mad Hannans from Grammy-nominated producer Martin Shore.

This powerful and poignant film is about brothers, musicians, band-mates Jerry and Sean Hannan, chronicling their rise, fall, and ultimate reconciliation. It is a true story of life’s joys, trials, devastating losses and the unbreakable bonds that hold them all together. By following the brothers through their journey we learn the importance of redemption, hope, family, and doing the things you love before it’s too late.

The film, which features Hollywood actor Sean Penn, Pearl Jam Lead singer Eddie Vedder and Talking heads guitarist Jerry Harrison, has just completed a successful festival circuit, receiving a number of awards including Best Documentary Film at the Manchester International Film Festival 2018.

During the film audiences witness brothers Sean and Jerry form a beautiful bond through their love of music and enjoy the success and admiration that their fans bestow upon them. One such fan and friend is two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn, who recalls his first Mad Hannans encounter: “I was really digging this band, they had such an unusual presence and the songs were great along with watching the dynamic between what were clearly brothers on stage”.

After initial success what followed is a ten year hiatus where the brother’s relationship breaks down and audiences discover how amends can be made for the sake of the music and family before their existence changes irrevocably.

The film is now set to be distributed to television and online broadcasters and will be showcased through the collaboration of Big Handsome Media and OC Productions at the European Content Markets.