TAWAI: A Voice from the Forest

#ComingSoon: TAWAI: A Voice From The Forest at Triskel Christchurch from October 8th

TAWAI: A Voice From The Forest, the ground-breaking new film from BAFTA Award winning presenter and explorer Bruce Parry screening at Triskel Christchurch Cinema Sunday 8 – Wednesday 11 October. TAWAI is an investigation that takes you from tribal communities in the forests of Borneo and the Amazon, to the Saddhu of India on the Ganges, to the Isle of Skye. The film is distributed by Munro Films.

In TAWAI: A Voice From The Forest, Bruce explores what has happened to humankind since we stopped roaming and began to settle – when we stopped being at one with nature and began to shape it to our own needs. How has this affected tribes around the world? And what we can learn from their way of living? Bruce questions what has happened to our societies and how we relate to the natural world.

This feature length documentary, complete with stunning footage of life in the forest and panoramic views of our changing landscape, is the poetic culmination of Bruce’s journey.

The word Tawai comes from the Penan People of Borneo, the last indigenous community that Bruce visited in BBC documentary Tribe. His time with this extraordinary group led him to re-evaluate all he had previously learned about human nature and society.

TAWAI: A Voice from the Forest is co-produced by Adam Bohling and David Reid whose 20-year experience in the British film industry includes the production of Kick-ass, Layercake, Eddie the Eagle and the global box office smash hit Kingsman. Also producing the film is Uri Fruchtmann founder of Fragile Films and has produced and directed award winning documentaries and feature films including An Ideal Husband, The Importance of Being Earnest and Hope Springs.

TAWAI: A Voice from the Forest screens at Triskel Christchurch Cinema. Tickets available from 0214272022 and www.triskelartscentre.ie

TAWAI: A Voice from the Forest

Sun 8 Oct        1.45pm & 6.15pm

Mon 9 Oct                       6.15pm

Tues 10 Oct                    6.15pm                                                  

Wed 11 Oct    1.45pm & 6.15pm