Industry: Details of Northern Ireland Screen’s Shorts to Features scheme

Northern Ireland Screen will run a series of talent progression initiatives with the BFI Network under the collective programme title Opening Doors. The programme will provide profiling opportunities for emerging creative teams (writer, director and producer) whose work has been supported by Northern Ireland Screen’s short film, script and talent development schemes.

The aim of the Shorts to Features scheme is to provide an opportunity for emerging creative teams to create a live action or documentary short film which is tonally and thematically aligned with their feature film ambitions.
Northern Ireland resident creative teams are invited to submit a live action or documentary feature film script at first draft or beyond. Applicants must also submit two short film ideas which will be developed through a series of development meetings in conjunction with Northern Ireland Screen’s Script Consultant and Short Film Executive.

At the end of the development period Northern Ireland Screen will select up to three to go into production with a budgets of up to £20,000.

The development work will take place between June 2015 and February 2016 with meetings every two months. Participants MUST make themselves available for every meeting.

A team is eligible to apply if they can collectively answer YES to these three statements:

  • The nominated director has directed two or more short films financed by public film funds or national broadcasters.
  • The producer has produced three short films or has a strong track record in the development of scripted television.
  • The writer is in development with Northern Ireland Screen on their first feature project and Northern Ireland Screen believes it is ready to attract finance.

Parties that fulfil the above criteria should contact Northern Ireland Screen’s Short Film Executive, Christine Morrow, to discuss their projects.

Evidence of how applicants fulfil the criteria will be required. Download an application form here.

Deadline for receipt of applications:  1700 hrs Friday 1 May, 2015

Shorts to Features is a joint initiative between Northern Ireland Screen and the BFI Net.Work.