The Secret Scripture
The Secret Scripture

#IrishFilm: Jim Sheridan’s The Secret Scripture in cinemas from March 24th

Jim Sheridan’s new Irish feature The Secret Scripture will be released in UK and Irish cinemas on March 24th via Vertigo. The film will enjoy its Irish Premiere at the 2017 Audi Dublin International Film Festival (ADIFF) on February 18th.

The film, which is an adaptation of Sebastian Barry’s 2008 Man Booker Prize-nominated novel of the same name, is the story of a one-hundred-year-old woman, Roseanne McNulty, who now residing in Roscommon Regional Mental Hospital decides to write her autobiography.

Lady Rose is an elderly woman who has lived in a hospital for 40 years. Despite her bleak surroundings, there is a light in her eyes that cannot be extinguished. Dr Greene is drawn to her, compelled to discover her past and gain her freedom. Through her scripture, we reveal a life of extraordinary love, great injustice, and a remarkable young woman of courage whose only crime was to fall in love yet she survives the system’s brutal violations. Set against a backdrop of troubled times locally and chaos internationally we learn of her ultimate triumph.

US star Rooney Mara plays the younger Rose, with screen legend Vanessa Redgrave playing her in her older years. These are supported by Australian actor Eric Bana, and rising UK star Theo James, as well as Irish stars Jack Reynor, Aidan Turner, and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor.

Six-time Academy Award nominee Sheridan co-wrote the screenplay with the late Johnny Ferguson. Director of photography Mikhail Krichman worked on the brilliant Russian film Leviathan, and composer Brian Byrne has previously worked with Sheridan on In America. It is edited by Dermot Diskin (Wake Wood, Moscow Never Sleeps), with production design by Derek Wallace (Good Vibrations, The Sea).

The Secret Scripture, which is produced by Noel Pearson and Rob Quigley for Ferndale Films in association with Voltage Pictures, is financed by the Irish Film Board, the Ingenious Senior Film Fund, Apollo Media, and the European Media Fund.

Wildcard Distribution will release the film in Irish cinemas on March 24th.