Irish Film: First poster for Paddy Slattery's Sojourn

Irish independent film production company Stand Mantra Productions has released the first poster for Paddy Slattery’s newest project Sojourn.

Sojourn is an episodic series of short narrative films based on the themes of Dread, Grief, Isolation, Loneliness, Yearning, and Hope, inspired by the W.B Yeats character Aedh, a lonely lost soul who yearns for love, peace, and enlightenment.

Tristan Heanue, who recently won Best Actor at the Underground Cinema awards, stars as Aedh, with Nicola MacEvilly as his lost love Aislinn. The films feature the voice of Brendan Graham, with Evelyn Shaw, Catherine Merrigan, Richard Mason, Hayden Mason, Stephen Doring, and Libby Kyle all supporting.

Writer/director Paddy Slattery previously gave us the excellent shorts The Moment and Runner, and most recently produced the multi-award winning short film Skunky Dog. Runner composer Dave McCune returns to work with S providing a full original score. Cinematography is provided by rising star Gerard Walsh, whose recent directorial feature A Day Like Today was very positively received at IndieCork. The poster design comes from Michael Baran.

Sojourn will screen early in the new year. Stay tuned to the film’s Facebook page for more updates.