Irish Abroad: Dáire McNab’s The Three Sisters to World Premiere @ Horror-on-Sea Festival

The Three Sisters, the new thriller film from Irish director Dáire McNab (The Farm, The Gingerbread Men) will have its World Premiere screening this weekend as part of the Horror-on-Sea Festival in Southend. The festival, which is now in its third year, is currently in progress, and this year features over 20 horror and thriller feature films from around the globe.

Filmed in Dublin between 2012 and last summer, The Three Sisters is a micro-budget production entirely funded by McNab himself. It stars Elliot Moriarty (A Nightingale Falling), Gillian Walsh (The Gingerbread Men) and Neill Fleming (The Hit Producer), and features a soundtrack by Repeated Viewing, with further tracks provided by Irish artists Róisín O and Tandem Felix. The film also features horror film legend Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Cannibal Apocalypse, The Omen remake) as a special guest star.

The film will screen at 1pm on Sunday February 1st in the White Bus cinema in Southend. It will screen in Ireland later in 2015. Find out more about the film on Facebook.

Returning from the funeral of her uncle, who has recently committed suicide, Emma Lehman is brutally murdered by a masked assailant. Her sister, and housemate, Sarah discovers the body and, unable to face staying the night in their house, calls over to her ex-boyfriend Dylan seeking solace. As they tentatively rekindle their extinguished romance, the killer lurks menacingly in the background, knocking off friends and family members.

With the help of an eccentric police detective, Dylan resolves to catch the murderer before Sarah’s life comes under threat.