The Uncountable Laughter of The Sea

#IrishFilm: The Uncountable Laughter of The Sea screens at Triskel, September 18th to 21st

The Uncountable Laughter of The Sea, a new film by Kerry filmmaker Patrick Brendan O’Neill, opens at Triskel Christchurch Cinema on Sunday September 18th and screens until Wednesday September 21st.

The film is an exploration of nature and spirituality loosely based on 89 year old priest Fr Padraig. It has caught the attention of Susan Sarandon who described it as “A feast for the eyes and the soul.  A beautiful meditative journey within the subconscious.”

Triskel’s screening is the films first showing outside of Kerry. It was also screened at Museum Of Modern Art, New York last December. The prestigious gallery went on to accept the film as a work of art. O’Neill was co-director on the The Uncountable Laughter of The Sea along with collaborator is Paris Kain from New York City.

O’Neill is a deeply spiritual character who contemplated priesthood as an 18 year old. His destiny had other thoughts and his career has led him to front two bands ‘Jude’ and ‘A Planeful Of Whores’ to mention but a couple of his adventures.

The death of his mother in 2012 had a devastating impact on O’Neill who feels he addressed his grief somewhat in the making of The Uncountable Laughter of The Sea. 

Speaking about the film O’Neill said:

The film is a poetic observation on life and landscape, our lives and the layers of cultural riches that can be explored and incorporated into the present time. Our ecology and the art of letting go into a larger sense of self in relation to sharing this world with all living things. Culture as such is not enough anymore, pride in accomplishments is of little use via language, poetry and art without deep roots of humility into a the cycle of life and death as the natural presents to us every season and in time we will come to experience ourselves.  Wonder is the source motivation for this film, it has no answers, it has no truths, just time and place and presence.

American actress Rosario Dawson is a big fan of the film and says “It’s a journey.  A meditation into self while taking in the expanse and beauty of our rich, abundant world.  Nurture yourself and watch, listen, breathe…”

President of Ireland Michael D.Higgins also commended the film, saying:

It’s an elemental and beautiful film, combining powerful cinematography with the Spiritual contemplation of the wonder of nature, such a great contribution to heritage, it is a work of Art, a wonderful and moving experience.