Irish Film: Five images from Michael Madsen’s doc The Visit

We have five pictures for The Visit, an Irish co-production, from the team behind the hit documentary His & Hers.

Co-produced by Venom Film (His and Hers, Undressing My Mother), with support from the Irish Film Board, The Visit is a creative documentary that poses the question, what would happen if we were to be visited by a being from another world. The film presents this hypothetical scenario to experts from around the world who have already dedicated their lives to preparing for such an event.

The Visit will screen in the World Documentary Competition category at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival, before being released here later this year.

An alien encounter. A hypothetical visitor arrives from Outer Space. The authorities are immediately alerted – the military, defence and communication advisors, and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. How to deal with this unprecedented event? How to reassure Earth’s inhabitants, who are prone to panic, when you have no previous experience to draw upon?