Irish Film: Watch Gavin O'Connor and Conor Maloney's engaging short Blink

Check out this great looking new Irish short Blink, from writer Gavin O’Connor and director Conor Maloney.

The film sees a chance encounter with a woman, trigger a man’s subconscious to recall a repressed memory from his past. Within this memory, visual stimuli activate flashbacks, defining moments from his life. As the past unfolds before us, each scene becomes intrinsically linked.

The film, which had its world Première at the exquisite Theatre Maisonneuve in Quebec, has been nominated in World Competition at The Montreal World Film Festival, where it was the only Irish film in competition. It has also featured at the inaugural Indie Cork Film Festival, and was included in The Best Of Festival Competition at Raindance in London. The film had its network TV première as part of Shortscreen on RTÉ.

Citizen Charlie and The Tudors star O’Connor stars himself, alongside Róisín Murphy (What Richard Did), and Luke Griffin (Band Of Brothers), with Vikings DoP Ken Byrne behind the camera.

Speaking about Blink, O’Connor had this to say; “We raised the finance for this film ourselves and we were so fortunate to such an incredible cast and crew. To have talent of the calibre of Conor directing, Ken Byrne’s beautiful photography, Dean Jones amazing sound design and Wax soundtrack is a fortunate position to find yourself in. Windmill Lane were like a guardian angel in post-production and we’ll be forever in their debt.

It all came together in the end after plenty of sleepless nights and no small amount of begging and borrowing.

I think the time is right now to let it fly the nest and just put it online for people to see. That’s why you make films and hopefully people will have the same response as festival audiences have had. It’s quite an abstract film but we think it provokes thought and debate, which is ultimately what we strived for. ”

Watch it now and judge for yourself…