2 cool clips for Unstoppable

HeyUGuys has been sent 2 really cool new clips for Unstoppable, Tony Scott’s next feature about a runaway train.

The movie sees Chris Pine and Denzel Washington as railway engineers who must stop an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train carrying combustible liquids and deadly gas from wiping out an entire city. Nothing like trying to avert a disaster to bond to unlikely bedfellows…

This is looking increasingly good, and Scott can handle action. Look out for this when it hits screens November 26th.


Inspired by actual events, Unstoppable is an adrenaline rush fueled by director Tony Scott’s signature mark of propulsive action rooted in the reality of ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances.  A veteran train engineer (Denzel Washington) and a young conductor (Chris Pine) race the clock to stop an unmanned runaway train – effectively a missile the size of a skyscraper — and prevent disaster in a heavily populated area.