Animated Shorts – Watch all 5 Oscar nominees

The Oscar nominations were announced yesterday and Ireland’s own Granny O’Grimm is up for the much coveted Animated Short Film award.

However she faces some stiff competition from the British, the French and the Spanish. I’ve catalogued all 5 movies below and you can check out the calibre of the competition for yourselves.

Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty
I lead of with our on entry, the excellent Brown bag short featuring an elderly grandmother reading bedtime stories to her granddaughter. Of course this is no ordinary Grandma, rather a bitter old women who is unhappy at how her family ignores her. Moving and uplifting despite its 6 minute length. Even if it wasn’t Irish it’d be worthy.

French Roast
France’s first entry is a 7 minute short following the antics of a typical guy and the problems he encounters once he discovers that he wallet has gone missing. winner of Best animation award at the ANIMA Animation Festival last year In Argentina, this short has great moments of comedy and very nice visual touches.

The Lady and the Reaper
Spain’s entry is an 8 minute film that centes on another little old lady. This one is patiently waiting for a visit from the grim reaper so that she can join her husband in heaven. Dealing with heavy themes, this superbly animated movie has a fine hint of comedy to distract from the deeper issues at hand. You can watch the entire short at

France has a second shot at glory with Logorama, the winner of the Best Short Film at the Stockholm Film Festival last year. A satirical look at corporate branding and advertising the film is set in a world where everything has a logo attached to it. Even the characters are brand icons, including an excellent gun-toting Ronald McDonald. There is some strong language though which may make this unsuitable for the workplace.

A Matter of Loaf and Death
Last, but by no means least, is Britain’s entry, the Wallace and Gromit starring favourite for the Oscar. This short sees the inegmatic duo open a bakery, but as usual things don’t go according to plan. I adore these two and this short is just as clever and funny as the full length features. If Granny can’t win then Nick Park should.