Battle: Los Angeles – 5 teaser posters

Ever wanted to see what would’ve happened had the aliens in Independence Day ever managed to land their invasion force on Earth? Well new movie Battle: Los Angeles might just fill that need.

The movie tells the story of alien invasion through the eyes of a Marine staff sergeant, played by Aaron Eckhart, and his motley crew of military misfits, as played out on the streets of LA. Joining Eckhart on this fight for humanity is Michelle Rodriguez as technology expert, Michael Pena as a civilian and father to a very scared young boy, and Bridget Moynihan as a vet. No exactly the group I’d want standing between me and hostile extra-terrestrials.

Sony is working on a viral marketing scheme for the movie with the first 5 posters showing various different UFO sightings from around the world with the instruction to go to, the official website for the project.

This could be the District 9 of 2011, or it just could be rubbish. We’ll find out either way March 25th, 2011.