Irish Actor: Jonathan Rhys Meyers cast as lead in survival drama Shambhala

THR is reporting that Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has signed on to star in Shambhala, a survivalist drama set in the Himalayas, to be directed by emerging Australian filmmaker Summer Nicks.

The film, which is based on a screenplay by Nicks, will see Meyers play the lone survivor of a plane crash in the Hindu Kush mountain range in Northern Pakistan. He must try to survive in this remote environment, while trying to recover from sudden amnesia.

The feature is due to start shooting soon, with Meyers joined by Australian/Indian actress Pallavi Sharda (Lion), and Akshay Kumar (Homeland) who play a brother and sister who happen upon the stricken survivor.

Singapore/Australia production company Xeitgeist Entertainment Group are producing Shambhala, which has a $3.5 million budget.