Cyrus – New Poster

While the American’s have already gotten to see Cyrus, the new John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill starring comedy, us on this side of the planet have been left behind. Thankfully Empire has managed to find a new poster for the movie specifically for the UK (and presumably Irish) market.

Anyone seen Mr. Woodcock, the Billy Bob Thorton/Sean William Scott “comedy”? Well if you have this is pretty much the same. If you haven’t the plot sees Reilly’s character hooking up with Hill’s mother, played by Marisa Tomei…and suffice to say that the pair don’t see eye to eye.

Hill is funny in almost everything and Reilly has been a revelation since trying his hand at comedy. By all accounts this is better than Mr. Woodcock, thankfully, and has done decent but not amazing business at the US box-office.

The movie is out here September 17th.