Despicable Me – Trailer & Pics

Universal Pictures have turned Steve Carrell into a supervillian?! They had to use some top-notch animation to do so and as the new trailer for forthcoming feature Despicable Me shows it’s been a success.

The animation in the trailer is very impressive and even if superheroes/villians is an area that Pixar already covered brilliantly with The Incredibles, there’s still plenety of scope for alternate stories. Hell, even Dreamworks are jumping on the bandwagon with their next big release (after Shrek 4) Megamind.

Despicable Me centres on Gru, a supervillian who likes to use as many gadgets and gizmos as he can get his hands on to further enhance his nefarious ways. His latest scheme, why to steal the moon of course and hold the world to ransom. This grand scheme is compromised however when three orphaned girls enter his life and he becomes a kind of surrogate father to them.

It’s as if the Judd Apatow stable went to Toontown, as the voice cast includes Carrell, Jason Segel, Kristen Wiig, Julie Andrews and Danny McBride. The trailer is embedded below but there’s a high def version over at Apple.

I’ve also include a bunch of new images for the July 9th release.