Selma – Liam Neeson joins cast

Precious director Lee Daniels is putting the pieces in place for his next movie, a Martin Luther King historical drama called Selma.

The movie focuses on the famous Alabamian Civil Rights march in 1965, which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led from Selma to Montgomery, and should be an Oscar frontrunner upon release.

Joining the cast is a number of big stars including Hugh Jackman, Lenny Kravitz and Cedric the Entertainer. Ireland’s own Liam Neeson has also been cast as former US President Lyndon B. Johnson. Dr. King himself will be portrayed by Last King Of Scotland‘s David Oyelowo, with Jackman taking on the role of racist Selma sheriff Jim Clark.

One role remains before Daniels can start shooting, Alabama Governor George Wallace, which was rumoured to be going to Robert DeNiro but that now seems unlikely.