Drive Crazy – Teaser Trailer

Drive Crazy is either going to be brilliant or utter rubbish, it cannot possibly be anything in between. Here is a movie that features a bat-shit crazy (is there any other kind) Nicolas cage as a damned soul who has escaped from hell and is on a mission of revenge.

Right now you know whether or not you want to see this and if like me that premise sounds brilliant then you are in for a treat as the new teaser trailer features all kinds of craziness.

So far this looks like what Quentin Tarantino wanted Death Proof to be, although it going to be 3D, which might not work out too well. On the plus side the movie has been shot using 3D cameras rather than the post-production method which made Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland look so bland.

The movie hits cinema screens February 11th, 2011.