Four TV spots and a soundtrack sneak-peek for TRON: Legacy

With 10 weeks to go until the movie is released the TRON: Legacy news is coming thick and fast. Every Tuesday between now and the movies December 17th release Disney will be unveiling more and more in what they are calling TRON Tuesdays.

Yesterday Disney posted a full 90 seconds from the score/soundtrack of TRON: Legacy on their official UK and Irish Facebook Fan page, as well as posting 4 new TV spots for the movie.

The first official track for the soundtrack is from Daft Punk, and is the song  that has been featured in the background for the trailers. It can be listened to on the official Facebook page. The band are making an appearance in the movie, and are even getting their own poster (teased here) that can be received by purchasing the soundtrack online.

The new TV spots are in-depth pieces that highlight Clu, Quorra, the light cycle, and the world of TRON. There are some spoilers for those who may not want to know too much of the plot, but for everyone else they are a must see.

TV Spot – Clu

TV Spot – The World

TV Spot – Quorra

TV Spot – Light Cycle

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