His & Hers becomes biggest Irish documentary in years

In a piece of extraordinary (and really quite brilliant) news, Element Pictures has announced that the hugely imaginative and beautiful documentary His & Hers has passed €300,000 at the Irish box-office. This makes the film the highest grossing documentary released in Ireland since Michael Moore’s award winning Fahrenheit 911.

This heart-warming, heart-breaking, emotionally vibrant movie tells the collective stories of 70 woman of all ages who talk about the men in their lives and the effect those men had in making them the people they are today.

The little film that could had a very modest €100,000 budget, so the return on investment is praise-worthy indeed. Scannain would like to wish continued success to this amazing movie and to filmmakers Ken Wardrop and Andrew Freedman.

You still have a chance to catch the movie as it is screening at selected cinemas.  Even if you can’t please buy the DVD when it’s released October 15th, and give it to someone you love.