International trailer for How Do You Know

How Do You Know looks to be another one of those sappy Reese Witherspoon romantic comedies. You know the type that makes studios millions. Here’s the new international trailer for the movie which shows less footage than the trailer, but does capture some never before seen moments. It’s all very schmaltzy but I’ll give it a go if only for Paul Rudd.

Joining Witherspoon and Rudd are Owen Wilson (gurning as always) and Jack Nicholson. See the inclusion of Nicholson as Rudd’s dad is another big plus for this. Oh and then there’s the addition of James L. Brooks as director who helmed Nicholson in As Good As It Gets and that was great!

The story revolves around a love triangle for Witherspoon’s former sports-star, between Rudd’s corporate exec and Wilson’s pro baseball player.

The movie is due out December 17th in the States with Ireland treated January 21st.