Knight & Day – Second full-length trailer

The second full-length trailer for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming Tom Cruise starrer Knight & Day has landed. The new trailer features a bunch of new footage which mostly seems to feature Cruise and Cameron Diaz being chased, a lot.

Directed by Walk the Line helmer James Mangold and based on a first-time script from Patrick O’Neill, Knight & Day sees Cruise play the role of a demented hit-man whose chance meeting with Diaz draws her into a crazy world of car chases, explosions and lots and lots of shooting.

It’s good to see Cruise return to his action roots and try show once again why he was once the biggest star on the planet. The trailer shows him display an off-kilter sense of humour, to go along with the mega-watt smile. Diaz in full-on panicked helpless mode , something she does with natural grace, looks like being right on the money too.

All I can really say about this trailer is that I watched it with a great big smile on my face…even during the part with the bulls! That’s a pretty good indication that when the movie comes out on July 2nd it could be a surprise hit.