Lightspeed – Disney buys space script

It seems that Walt Disney Pictures is always willing to fork out the dough when Jerry Bruckheimer says it’s necessary. Their latest purchase? $3.5 million for the Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii written space adventure film Lightspeed.

The movie follows the adventures of a young pilot who wins a place on the Earth Interstellar Racing Team. Of course it’s not quite that simple as that, as the galaxy is on the brink of war. I’m kind of worried that this might be Chariots of Fire meets the pod-racing scene from The Phantom Menace. Although that would be better than Speed Racer in space.

Rossio has worked with Bruckheimer before on Pirates of the Caribbean, while Marsili helped write Déjà Vu, also a Bruckheimer project. Hopefully between the pair of them they can fashion a decent script. Currently there’s no director, cast or release date but keep your eyes on this one.