First clip for Steven Knight’s Locke

The first clip for Steven Knight’s next film Locke has surfaced online. It features a very hirsute Tom Hardy behind the wheel engaging in a very intriguing call.

The film is shot in real-time and follows the drive home of a man called Ivan Locke, who receives a phone call that changes his life.

Hardy is the main star in Redemption writer/director Steven Knight’s very interesting sounding and looking movie. Ruth Wilson, Tom Holland, Olivia Colman, Andrew Scott, Ben Daniels, Bill Milner, Alice Lowe, Danny Webb, Lee Ross, Silas Carson, and Kirsty Dillon also feature.

Locke is debuting at Venice on September 2nd, with no Irish or UK release date as of yet.

Ivan Locke has worked hard to craft a good life for himself. Tonight, that life will collapse around him. On the eve of the biggest challenge of his career, Ivan receives a phone call that sets in motion a series of events that will unravel his family, job, and soul. Locke is a unique cinematic experience that literally puts the audience in the passenger’s seat to watch the driver’s life unfold.