First poster for Mars Needs Moms

I’m always a little wary of Walt Disney Animation computer-animated movies that don’t spawn from the fertile imaginations of Pixar, but Mars Needs Moms has a chance. At least the first poster for the movie is promising.

Based on the book by Berkeley Breathed the movie revolves around a young boy who goes to rescue his nagging mother after she’s abducted by Martians. It seems that those pesky Martians are in need of some parental care of the motherly variety.

The movie features the voices of Seth Green, Dan Fogler, Elisabeth Harnois, Mindy Sterling, and Joan Cusack.

Mars Needs Moms will invade US cinemas March 11th, with Ireland getting it April 8th.


Take out the trash, eat your broccoli—who needs moms, anyway?  Nine-year-old Milo (Seth Green) finds out just how much he needs his mom (Joan Cusack) when she’s nabbed by Martians who plan to steal her mom-ness for their own young. Produced by the team behind “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” and “The Polar Express,” “Mars Needs Moms” showcases Milo’s quest to save his mom—a wild adventure in Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D that involves stowing away on a spaceship, navigating an elaborate, multi-level planet and taking on the alien nation and their leader (Mindy Sterling). With the help of a tech-savvy, underground earthman named Gribble (Dan Fogler) and a rebel Martian girl called Ki (Elisabeth Harnois), Milo just might find his way back to his mom—in more ways than one.