New quad poster for Route Irish

Artificial Eye has released a quad poster for Ken Loach’s upcoming action drama Route Irish. Filled with quotes from eminent sources and depicting two soldiers against the backdrop of a wall calling for their demise it is clear that this will be a gritty and interesting endeavour.

Route Irish is the nickname of the Baghdad Airport Road, the notoriously treacherous route from the airport to the safety of the Green Zone. The story revolves around Fergus, a security contractor whose friend is killed in the line of duty. Returning to England he discovers that all is not on the up and up in Iraq and maybe his friend’s death wasn’t so simple after all.

Drawing instant comparison to Green Zone and The Hurt Locker, this promises to be a very different beast. Loach is a very political director and has a certain viewpoint that can skew his movies. He’s also an extremely talented director so even if you don’t agree with him you can’t help but admire his skill.

The film previewed at the Jameson Dublin International Film festival last week, where it was generally well received. Route Irish opens nationwide March 18th.