New TV spot for The Next Three Days

Courtesy of Movieline we have a brand new TV spot for Paul Haggis’s new movie, The Next Three Days, which is pretty much all of the action from the trailer condensed into a 30 second bite.

The movie itself is loosely based on the 2008 French movie Pour Elle, and sees Russell Crowe play a guy whose wife is unexpectedly jailed for murder. When she begins to contemplate ending it all he is left with 3 days to break her out of jail and save her life.

Joining Crow for the ride is a cast that includes Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde and Brian Dennehy. With that calibre of acting and Haggis behind the camera tis should be good.

The movie is out in the US November 19th and over here January 7th.