Paul Greengrass leaves Fantastic Voyage for Treasure Island

They say that when one door close another one opens, and for Paul Greengrass that certainly seems to be the case. No sooner than he leaves 20th Century Fox‘s remake of the sci-fi classic Fantastic Voyage than he is immediately said to be working on an adaptation of Treasure Island for Warner Bros. I imagine that it helps that his movies make millions at the box-office.

The Fantastic Voyage remake is a pet project of James Cameron and was set to be filmed in his new love, 3D. With Shane Salerno‘s script already in hand Fox are bound to start approaching alternate directors sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile Treasure Island is still sans script by Warner’s is actively working with Sherlock Holmes producer, Lionel Wigram, to find one. Hopefully they’ll find one soon as Greengrass needs to make more movies!