Salt – New poster and viral videogame

Columbia Pictures has released a brand new international poster for the forthcoming action movie Salt. Featuring an obviously airbrushed Angelina Jolie the poster continues the “Who is Salt” tagline from the US domestic poster.

Columbia have also released a new trailer featuring an interactive viral game that can be played on the movies offical site.

The movie sees Jolie play Evelyn Salt, CIA officer who is implicated as an undercover Russian spy. Fearing for her life she goes on the run hoping to prove her innocence. From the trailer it looks like what follows is a series of high-speed chases on foot, by plane and by car, with Jolie changing outfit and hair-colour as required.

This could be a lot of fun as director Phillip Noyce (of Clear and Present Danger fame) knows his action. The movie is out July 23rd in the US, and August 20th in Ireland and the UK.

Click on the poster for a higher res version.