Spider-Man – Andrew Garfield finally cast

I refused to be drawn on the idle speculation over who would be cast to fill the shoes of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker in Sony’s upcoming reboot of their tent-pole franchise, Spider-Man. Luckily the speculation is over and Andrew Garfield has finally been cast as the web-slinging photographer turned crime-fighter.

Garfield is the star of David Fincher‘s forthcoming Facebook inspired movie The Social Network, but still a relative unknown despite strong performances in the Red Riding Hood trilogy and Lions For Lambs. He’s also 26, a tad on the old side for the teenage, high-school going Peter Parker that Sony is basing the reboot on. Luckily he has a baby face so they should just about get away with it.

I’m willing to give Sony a pass on this one and look forward to seeing what the appropriately monikered Marc Webb does different than Sam Raimi. I still have nightmares about Spidey 3 though…emo Peter NO!

Filming on the new Spider-Man will begin in December, with a release in 3D on July 3rd, 2012.