The American – Stunning new poster

You know the way that George Clooney looks kind of like a Cary Grant-esque matinee idol? And you know the way that classic, vintage movie posters are cool? What if you could combine the two into a really neat poster for a modern movie?

Luckily Focus Features have done just that for The American, and the results is a poster that I’d happily hang between the Vertigo one and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It even has a nice little silhouette in the title.

The movie itself is directed by Anton Corbijn, and stars Clooney as a hitman, who inadvertently falls for a woman he really shouldn’t, and becomes a target himself. It’s not the freshest of plots but Clooney is an acting great and Corbijn has shown great visual flair in his movies and music videos.

The movie is set for an unconfirmed September release. I’ve included the trailer which looks great.