The Fighter – Trailer

Here’s a movie loaded with talent, Christian Bale joins Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams for David O’Russell’s based-on-real-events boxing story The Fighter.

If it sounds a little like The Wrestler Part II it could have been even closer. Darren Aronofsky was originally attached to direct this movie before jumping ship to helm the Mickey Rourke vehicle.

The film tells the story of Dicky Eklund, played by Bale, a real life boxer-turned-trainer who rebounded after a run of drugs and crime. Wahlberg plays his half-brother “Irish” Micky Ward who rises to fame in the world lightweight championship against all odds. Adams is the love interest, naturally.

Early buzz is very good and as you can see from the trailer below this has a nice look to it. Boxing movies tend to do well with the Academy so expect to see this featured come award season.

The US gets it December 17th, so we can expect it shortly after.