The Green Hornet – International Trailer

Sony Pictures has released a new international trailer for The Green Hornet, Michel Gondry‘s take on the iconic action series of the 1960’s. And well it still indicates that this is either going to be somewhat good or shockingly awful.

There’s precious little new footage in this trailer, but we do catch a glimpse of Inglourious Bastards star Christopher Waltz. Seth Rogen stars as Britt Reid, a bored newspaper heir who dresses up at night and fights crime, accompanied by his trusty sidekick Kato.

Gondry has talent. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was brilliant. And Waltz’s turn in IB was the stuff of legend. The mitigating factor is Rogen, I know it’s clichéd but the larger gentleman is hard to take as an action-star. Mind you he had some good stunts in Pineapple Express.

The movie, which will be released in 3D, is out January 14th.