The Last Exorcism – Preview Screening Competition

Element Pictures, who are just a lovely bunch of people, are giving away tickets to a preview screening of their forthcoming release The Last Exorcism. To enter simply click on their Facebook page.

The movie, which is produced by torture-porn king Eli Roth, is directed by Daniel Stamm and stars Patrick Fabian as troubled evangelical minister Cotton Marcus, who allows his final exorcism to be filmed by a documentary crew. Drawn by a letter from Louis, a poor farmer begging for his help, Marcus sets off to help Louis young daughter Nell, who appears to be deeply disturbed by some sinister force.

All indicators point to Stamm capturing the sense of dread and latent creepiness surrounding the practice of exorcism. Recent movies focusing on the “art” have been too quick to pull out the big scare, proving that they learned nothing from William Friedkin‘s exquisite The Exorcist.

We will know for sure on September 3rd.