Trust – Poster

The internet is a dangerous place for young people with predators lurking around every corner, well that’s what the scare-mongers will have you believe. It also makes a pretty good starting point for a film focusing on the effect that a sexual assault of a minor can have on a family.

Such is the subject of David Schwimmer’s new drama Trust, starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener as parent whose 14-year-old daughter, Annie, meets a kid online who turns out to be a paedophile.

The new poster for the movie (courtesy of IMP Awards) takes the brave step of leaving the stars off in favour of a thought-provoking image of a scared/scarred Annie.

Schwimmer has shown promise behind the camera since leaving Friends behind. Hopefully this will be the movie that we all hoped The Lovely Bones would be.


Safe and sound in their suburban home, Will and Lynn Cameron (Clive Owen and Catherine Keener) used to sleep well at night. When their 14-year-old daughter, Annie, made a new friend on-line – a 16-year-old boy named Charlie – Will and Lynn didn’t think much of it. But when Annie and Charlie make a plan to meet what happens in the next twenty-four hours changes the entire family forever. Charlie is really a 40-year-old serial paedophile (Tom McCarthy) and, once Annie’s rape comes to light, it becomes a touchstone event that reverberates through the entire family.